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 Smart Dog Games 

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  • Shadow Skills starts June 9
  • Smart Dog Games & Tricks starts June 28
  • To learn more about Wag It Games, CLICK HERE

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Shadow Skills

Learn a variety of trick moves and practice obedience all in the heel position.  Working your dog on both sides and learning how to navigate around and guide your dog will make you a more fluid handler.  You will find many of the skills helpful on daily walks with your dog.  We will learn some of the basic moves and then set up some simple courses to run through.  We will also practice putting some of the moves to music.

Pre-requisite:  Pet Dog 101 & solid heeling skills

Shadow Skills:
Wednesdays, June 9 - June 30, 2021
1:30pm - 2:30pm
4 Weeks
Instructor:  Mallory Hattie, Tier 2 Wag It Games Instructor  ~ $120

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Smart Dog Games & Tricks

Use simple and fun equipment like short tunnels, platforms, cones and jumps to train a variety of new tricks and moves.  Exercises involving feet on and off platforms, walking on platforms,  moving through hoops,  walking over a ladder, going through tunnels,  and using jumps, have real world applications and are just plain fun for canine and human.   Have fun with your dog teaching them to navigate basic obstacles in a variety of different ways while building confidence, self-control, and focus.  Try it and see how smart your brilliant dog really is!

Pre-requisite:  Pet Dog 101

Smart Dog Games & Tricks:
Mondays, June 28 - August 2, 2021
12:00pm - 1:00pm
6 Weeks
Instructor:  Sheila McDonough, Tier 2 Wag It Games Instructor  ~ $180

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Wag It Games Sampler Class

Wondering about Wag It Games?  Presenting several of the Wag It Games Sports, the different games in class build focus and teamwork, motivation and engagement. This class introduces aspects of all 5 games, from fun heeling exercises (Shadow Skills) to nose work, rolling balls and navigating simple equipment. Wag It Games are excellent for all ages and abilities. They help form good foundation skills for other sports and become more challenging as skills grow. 

Pre-requisite:  Pet Dog 101

Wag It Games Sampler Class
Mondays, returning fall 2021
Xpm - Xpm
6 Weeks
Instructor:  Sheila McDonough, Tier 2 Wag It Games Instructor  ~ $180

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