Agility Discontinued @ Telling Tails

Telling Tails Students and Supporters,

We are so sorry to report that we are discontinuing our agility program.  Financially the larger space just was not being supported with the number of students taking advantage of the program.  When we gave up that space and moved agility back to the original training space, we learned that the mats had worn down enough to become slippery and dangerous for fast moving agility dogs.  Replacing mats is a very costly process and given the smaller space and the number of agility students we supported, we felt eliminating the program was the proper decision.  We are very sorry and as always encourage our students to find their passion with their dogs whether it is with us or elsewhere.  We are happy to continue to offer Nose Work, Wag it Games, CGC and Therapy Dog Classes, Tricks Classes, and Rally Obedience, for our advanced students.  Most of these classes are ongoing and happen on a regular rotation.  We thank you all for your understanding.

    Robin Crocker
    Owner of Telling Tails Training
    December, 2019