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"This place make us doggone happy" 

"Seeing Greg work the room was like watching an artist paint a masterpiece"

"Mallory was very knowledgeble and did an excellent job teaching. For only 6 weeks it was a lot of information well presented."

"really appreciated the level of care and detail that the classes provide in training our dog.  Greg give wonderful tips and demonstrations on how to be successful with your dog.  We highly recommend taking classes at Telling Tails!"

"I love this place.  My puppy and I learned a lot in puppy kindergarten and we are going back for pet 101 and try for AKC Puppy STAR.  I highly recommend this place.  Perfect atmosphere."

“Beth is fair, honest and very respectful of both dogs and handlers and genuinely interested in their learning.”

"Sumac is friendly, engaging and focused.  She can handle questions, adapt to behaviors, and is very informative."

About Marianne's Reactive Dog Class:  "She was so knowledgeable! She made sure we all felt comfortable and kept the classroom a safe and productive environment."

Membership Rental Calendar

Membership Rental Calendar

Membership Packages


  • 15% discounts on most classes.
  • Option for 6 month or one year membership
  • Members who wish to rent get a keypad code to rent the training center. Use the interactive calendar link above to reserve a training room and time.

Member Rental of Telling Tails Training Facility

  • The calculation of space rentals is done by counting people (not dogs)
  • Each person renting space may have multiple dogs at no additional cost.
  • All participants need not be members, but one member or instructor must be present.
  • Minimum rental time is one hour, and all rentals are calculated by the hour, including set up and break down time.  Hours cannot be split into half hour rentals. 
  • Rental reservations can be made online but cannot be made any further than two weeks in advance. 
  • Telling Tails reserves the right to displace a rental if the space is needed for a last minute event or class.
  • Membership is non-transferable.  Members may not give their keypad code to any other person for any reason.  All non-members must be accompanied by members at all times.

  • $15/hour for the first person
  • $5/hour for each additional person​​
  • Payment can be left in payment box by the side door in facility

    Non-members wishing to rent space at Telling Tails need to contact Mallory at 207-642-3693.

    Room Set Up:  We have specific set-ups in the room with chairs and barriers that we keep in place, so if you "rearrange the furniture” we ask that you put it back in its original place.  Thank you!

A Note From Robin About Membership:
Members are encouraged to take full advantage of all their benefits as much as possible.  Members are also charged with the responsibilities that go with membership in any group or club.  Please be respectful of all other members.  Take care of the Training Center and be sure to leave it in the same condition or better than what you found.  You may use equipment, but please treat it as if it were your own, and put it away neatly and carefully.  The Training Center will be available for members to use as long is it is not abused or taken advantage of.  I trust that each member will pay his or her fair share and that you will all be honorable and trustworthy when you use the facility.   

Thank you,
Robin Crocker

Membership Fees
Full Year Membership Fee:   $80
Second Member in The Same Family:   $70

1/2 Year Membership Fee:  $45
Second 1/2 Year Member in The Same Family:  $35

or call Toll Free

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